Working With Dry Ice Technology Makes You Work Smartly



What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is the common name for CO2 i.e. solid carbon dioxide. When dry ice is heated it won’t get melt rather it gets evaporated that’s we call it dry ice, and this process is known as sublimation. As Ireland’s primary dry ice specialist, Polar Ice delivers dry ice solutions for a various range of customers, in areas such as:

  • Theatrical and Special Effects
  • Food Processing & Distribution
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Industrial Cleaning and Technical Processes


It is made by compacting and cooling gaseous CO2 under high pressure to primarily produce liquid CO2.The very next step is to produce CO2 snow which is done by compressing CO2 liquid under high pressure, and then finally, this snow is then bind by a hydraulic press into suitable Dry Ice blocks, pellets or slices.The density of CO2 snow depends on the pressure which is applied and the time of pressure. The maximum density of the Dry Ice block can be 1.56g/cm3 at a temperature of -78.64°C.


Due to its very low temperature of -78°, dry ice is often used as a substitute to refrigeration for medical foodstuffs and supplies. Not only this special dry ice pellets are used for industrial cleaning.

Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Nowadays, Dry Ice Blasting machine is seen as best alternative for many types of oil based cleaning. In this, dry ice, the solid form of CO2 is sprayed in a forced air stream at the surface to clean it. The main advantage of this machine is that it can clean the tools without any electrical and fire dangers.


  • Memory for storing blasting parameters
  • Quick release air locks
  • Single hose system
  • Safety guards
  • Holds maximum weight of dry ice
  • Multi-touch panels
  • Perfect for heavy to light duty cleaning applications
  • Low & high pressure options

Dry ice blasting and cleaning


Dry Ice Blasting and cleaning is an industrial cleaning system which is moisture-free and non-abrasive leaving no remaining dirt. These are few areas where Dry Ice Blasting service has become highly pertinent and necessary.

  • Fin Fan Cleaning
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Mould Remediation
  • Aerospace
  • Cable Trays
  • Electrical Power Generation Cleaning
  • Automotive Assembly Plants
  • Roofing Restoration
  • Mining
  • Printing
  • Marine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Foundry
  • Packaging
  • Utilities
  • Plastic and Rubber
  • Fire and Brick Restoration

Instead of using hard rough media to mince on a surface and damage it, dry ice blasting uses soft dry ice, hastened at supersonic speeds, and make mini blast on the surface to lift the unwanted item from the surface. Dry ice blasting has various superior and benefits over traditional blasting.

 Dry ice blasting:

  • is a nonflammable, nonconductive and non-abrasive cleaning method
  • is totally environmentally secure and have no secondary contaminants such as grit or solvents in it
  • It is also approved for use in the food industry
  • It cleans almost most of the items of that place without consuming much time
  • it can clean the tools without any electrical, mechanical and fire dangers
  • can be used to eliminate production grit, contaminants, residue, paints, biofilms and oils
  • can be as gentle as dusting smoke from books or as aggressive as removing weld slag from tooling
  • can be used for various general cleaning purpose

Cold Jet dry ice blasting uses compressed air to hasten icy carbon dioxide (CO2) “dry ice” pellets to a high speed. A compressed air brings in of 80 PSI/50 scfm can be used in this method.  These pellets can be supplied or made on-site or. Pellets which are specifically approved by the FDA, EPA and USDA are made from food grade carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a liquefied gas, non-poisonous, which is both reasonably priced and easily stored at work sites.

Details on few dry ice blasting machines

Cold Jet’s attainment of IceTech has combined the two leading global innovators of dry ice technology and gives customers a full portfolio of dry ice blasting equipment.The Cold Jet Aero Series, including the Aero 80FP and Aero 40FP, is class dry ice blasting cleaning equipment that assures the best pellet, maximum cleaning and most dependable blast stream on the market. The specialty dry ice blasting machines including the SDI Select 60, the Aero C100 and i3 MicroClean offers specific solutions for more specialized blasting needs.For industrial blasting purposes, the IceTech dry ice blasting machines are the most adaptable dry ice blasting machines in market. The Xtreme 40 and Elite 20 from the Evolution line of multi-powered dry ice blasting machines boast a insulated hoppers, simply operated control panels with LED notifications, new design with stainless steel frames, hinged doors and a fast change dosing disc for easy maintenance. When these machines are combined with low flow or high flow IT3 nozzle kits become tremendously versatile industrial cleaning solutions for a wide range of applications.

Want to know all the technical details related to CO2 Blasting read below

Dry ice blasting works because of three main factors: pellet kinetic energy, thermal shock effect and thermal-kinetic effect. By combining the following forces cold jet does better blasting performance for each application:

  • compressed air pressure
  • blast nozzle type (speed distribution)
  • CO2 pellet density and size
  • pellet flux density and mass rate (particles per unit area per second)

The production of our Dry Ice is done by using the world’s leading dry ice industrial equipment. After all, the best quality of our dry ice services can only be attained through best-practice manufacturing techniques.