Advantages Of Dry Ice Cleaning Over Traditional Cleaning

 Advantages Of Dry Ice Cleaning

The problem of cleaning off rust, molds, etc., from various surfaces is a big problem for both residential as well as industrial sectors. However, due to various environmental issues, the cleaning processes adopted by the industries have constantly come under scrutiny. Cleaning processes like abrasive blasting, soda blasting, Ultra-High pressure water blasting, solvent cleaning, etc., all are effective cleaning techniques, but they all have harmful effects on the environment. Dry ice cleaning Dubai offers a great solution to this problem. It is not just an effective cleaning technique, but it protects both the surface on which it is used as well as the environment.

There are various names which have been given to this technique of dry ice cleaning like dry ice blasting, CO2 blasting, dry ice dusting, etc. The process of dry ice cleaning involves directing a mild but abrasive stream of solidified CO2 pellets towards the surface from which the rust, mold or any other dirt has to be cleaned. Special equipment’s are used for the creation of these solid pellets as well as for their release. As soon as this dry ice Dubai is released from these special equipment’s, they immediately convert from solid pellets to vapor form. This process is known as sublimation and it strips the surface, on which this vapor is targeted, clean off all the dirt and contamination present on the same.

There are many advantages of using this non-abrasive and non inflammable cleaning technique, which make it a superior cleaning technique in comparison to the various other traditional cleaning methods. Some of the advantages an industry or even a residential customer can enjoy through the purchase of dry ice from dry ice suppliers in Dubai, and using the same for cleaning purposes, are as follows:

Environmentally Responsible

This is one of the biggest reasons because of which many companies have started using this cleaning method over the traditional cleaning methods. There are no harmful effects on the environment through the use of this cleaning method. It contains no secondary contaminants nor does it leave behind any solvents or grit media. This makes it very safe for the environment.

Certified For Food Industry

Even the food industry can buy dry ice Dubai and use it for the cleaning of its various equipment’s, etc. This process has undergone various tests and has received the necessary certifications which prove that the use of this method is perfectly safe for the food industry as well. Not many other traditional cleaning methods like are suitable for the food industry.

Time Saving

The company wanting to use the dry ice technique for the cleaning of its various equipments needs to buy the equipments required for this process from the cleaning equipment suppliers in UAE. Once you have the specialized equipments in hand, the cleaning of your other equipments becomes pretty simple and fast. The equipment which requires cleaning does not have to be dismantled to carry to any other place. The dry ice can be carried to the equipment and on the spot cleaning can be done swiftly. This helps the companies in saving a lot of time, and it also reduces stoppages in the production process.

No Damage To The Equipment

The equipments that the various industries use these days are highly technical in nature and expensive as well. A small damage to these equipments would not cost a lot of money in repairs, but would also have a negative impact on the production of the company as well. By using the dry ice cleaning method, the companies can rest assured that no damage will occur to their equipments. Even when applied to active electrical or mechanical parts of a machine, this technique does not cause any sort of damage to the same. This also protects the industry from any sort of fire hazard that can occur if the electrical circuit or mechanical part of a machine gets damaged in the cleaning process.

Wide Range Of Contaminants Removed

Besides your regular mold, rust and dust, there is a wide range of contaminants that can be easily cleaned using the dry ice method of cleaning. Residue from the production process, release agents, paints, oil stains, biofilms, etc. all of the above can be easily cleaned with the help of dry ice blasting.

As Aggressive As You Want

When removing dust from a bookcase, you cannot be very aggressive in your cleaning technique. At the same time, if you have to clean weld slag from a tool, you will need to put in a lot of force or energy in the cleaning process. The best part about using the dry ice cleaning method is that the level of aggression can be controlled as per your need. Thus, it can be extremely gentle when cleaning your bookcase, and highly aggressive when removing weld slags from your tools.