Cleanliness is indispensable in the Airline and Aerospace industries for the sake of performance and safety. Moreover, it even cleans the dirt which is not visible through naked eyes, thus ensuring the complete, on-spot cleansing.

Dry ice blasting, in this industry, undertakes the cleansing of Engine clean-up, Tires, Brake components, Switches, Adhesive and sealant clean-up, landing gear, Wheel wells, Electric components etc.

Every nooks and corner of the surface are covered with perfection leaving no marks to wipe down; thus it requires no drying time. No damage or scratch is caused to the equipment, switches, motors and electrical wires and any arduous dirt or stains like grease, oil, carbon deposits etc could be cleansed effectively. As the dirt will be gone in the initial application itself, no secondary cleaning is required.

The greatest advantage of this technology is that there is no need to disassemble the equipment as this dry ice blasting reaches to clean even in the tow hitches, engine bay covers, landing gear system etc. So the time and cost can also be saved along with it.

Water cleansing is not a suitable option for the countries with the high cold weather as the water tends to freeze. Whereas, this dry ice blasting service implements a unique method of vaporizing the dry ice pellets, therefore, leaving no moisture on the airplanes or any of its parts.