The ideally safe and
eco-friendly cleaning procedure.

Environment friendly unlike traditional industrial cleaning methods, no releases of carbon or any other dreadful chemicals

The Faster cleaning process

No need to disassemble the equipment for the sake of cleaning.

Free from chemicals - no need to worry about your health while handling this device.

The two things Dry ice blasting method makes use of are entirely natural- the air and ice.

Fin Fan Cleaning

Regular cleaning is inevitable for Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Evaporators, Condensers, Generator Fans and Air Exchangers because the cooling coils surrounded by fins get covered up over time with dirt and other debris as air circulates through them. As a result, these expensive machines begin to consume more energy and…

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Cleaning Electrical Power Generation and HRSG

Our dry ice blasting services take up even complex projects including generators, turbines, stators, rotors, compressors, boilers and HRSGs. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning provides a safe, effective and faster way of cleansing to complete the maintenance and handling of the electric power generation equipment. The other advantages of Dry…

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Stator and Rotor Cleaning

Cleaning it with hands is a commonly seen trend and is highly inappropriate as it only helps to clean the outer layers. With the use of Dry Ice Blasting, the carbon deposits from windings could be removed along with other contaminated dirt of air vents on the stator and…

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Cleaning Gas Turbine and Transformer

High-pressure tube wall cleaning with dry ice removes corrosion and gas deposits from the tubes and fins. Our extensive experience allows us to offer a turnkey service in scaffold erection and confined space work. Dry ice blasting eliminates dirt, grime and loose paint from transformers, thus improving its performance,…

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Cleanliness is indispensable in the Airline and Aerospace industries for the sake of performance and safety. Moreover, it even cleans the dirt which is not visible through naked eyes, thus ensuring the complete, on-spot cleansing. Dry ice blasting, in this industry, undertakes the cleansing of Engine clean-up, Tires, Brake…

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