Xtreme 40

The Xtreme 40 ¾”, as a heavy duty dry ice blasting machine was designed for professional use with high pressure to clean larger and more demanding surfaces. The Xtreme 40 is an ideal solution where the performance is crucial. With 40 kg/ 88.2 lbs hopper you can experience continuous blasting without breaks to fill the hopper.

DocumentationXtreme 40 - heavy duty dry ice blasting machine

– Spec Sheet



Part #: 503331US / 503331S
Hopper size: 88 lbs
Feed rate: 1.1-3.7 lbs/min
Dimensions: 31.3″ x 21″ x 38.9″
Weight: 257 lbs
Air consumption: 25-353 CFM
Blast pressure: 29-232 PSI


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CAC/RCP 1-1969,

On 03/03/2023