i³ MicroClean

The new i³ MicroClean brings enhanced performance and extended operation to the revolutionary table-top cleaning system by Cold Jet. The i³ MicroClean builds on Cold Jet’s patented shaved ice and feeder technologies and introduces advanced MERN nozzle technology to deliver a complete precision cleaning solution.

The i³ MicroClean thoroughly cleans small, complex cavities and crevices that other methods cannot reach, as well as cleaning delicate surfaces faster than traditional cleaning methods – without abrasion or disassembly.

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Part #: 2A0169
Hopper size: 20 lbs
Feed rate: 0-1.2 lbs/min
Dimensions: 22″ x 16″ x 21″
Weight: 130 lbs
Air consumption: 12-50 CFM at 140 PSI
Blast pressure: 20-140 PSI


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CAC/RCP 1-1969,

On 03/03/2023