Dry ice manufacturing and supply

The primary process is to make the ice dry by holding the liquid carbon dioxide under pressure in bulk storage vessels. Later this C02 liquid, under normal atmospheric pressure, converts into C02 gas. The dry ice snow is then collected and compressed into desired formats to meet the customer requirements. The dry ice will last long according to its density. Likewise, easiness to handle and the performance in blast cleaning also will be determined by the density of the ice. This method is comparatively more useful than the traditional higher density blocks of dry ice. The perfectly manufactured dry ice can be used for several purposes such as ice chest coolers, securing frozen products over, quick-freezing of food products before shipping, and many other different uses. No need to worry about ‘where to get dry ice’ anymore. We have the answer to the questions about the best dry ice shop in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Dry Ice Blasting- Main Industries

Dry Ice Blasting and cleaning is an industrial cleaning system which is non-abrasive and moisture-free leaving no residual dirt. These are some of the areas where Dry Ice Blasting service has become highly relevant and indispensable.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive Assembly Plants
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Cable Trays
  • Electrical Power Generation Cleaning
  • Fin Fan Cleaning
  • Fire and Brick Restoration
  • Mould Remediation
  • Roofing Restoration
  • Utilities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Marine
  • Foundry
  • Mining
  • Packaging
  • Printing
  • Plastic and Rubber


Cleanliness is indispensable in the Airline and Aerospace industries for the sake of performance and safety. Moreover, it even cleans the dirt which is not visible through naked eyes, thus ensuring the complete, on-spot cleansing.

Dry ice blasting, in this industry, undertakes the cleansing of Engine clean-up, Tires, Brake components, Switches, Adhesive and sealant clean-up, landing gear, Wheel wells, Electric components etc.

Every nooks and corner of the surface are covered with perfection leaving no marks to wipe down; thus it requires no drying time. No damage or scratch is caused to the equipment, switches, motors and electrical wires and any arduous dirt or stains like grease, oil, carbon deposits etc could be cleansed effectively. As the dirt will be gone in the initial application itself, no secondary cleaning is required.

The greatest advantage of this technology is that there is no need to disassemble the equipment as this dry ice blasting reaches to clean even in the tow hitches, engine bay covers, landing gear system etc. So the time and cost can also be saved along with it.

Water cleansing is not a suitable option for the countries with the high cold weather as the water tends to freeze. Whereas, this dry ice blasting service implements a unique method of vaporizing the dry ice pellets, therefore, leaving no moisture on the airplanes or any of its parts.

 Fin Fan Cleaning

Regular cleaning is inevitable for Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Evaporators, Condensers, Generator Fans and Air Exchangers because the cooling coils surrounded by fins get covered up over time with dirt and other debris as air circulates through them. As a result, these expensive machines begin to consume more energy and its functioning becomes hard.

The conventional cleaning methods may damage the equipment; it can even be unsuccessful and costly. The best solution to this is to clean the fin fans regularly with Dry Ice Blasting.

The Dry Ice Blasting can instantly remove the blockage in these coils with no damage to the fins while sanitizing the surface.

The Eco Green Dry Ice Blasting team are experts who provide a perfect cleaning experience ensuring the protection from damage to the delicate fins surrounding the coils.

 Cleaning Electrical Power Generation and HRSG

Our dry ice blasting services take up even complex projects including generators, turbines, stators, rotors, compressors, boilers and HRSGs.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning provides a safe, effective and faster way of cleansing to complete the maintenance and handling of the electric power generation equipment. The other advantages of Dry ice blasting other than the mentioned are, it will reduce the chances of catastrophic failures, improve Meg ohm readings, increase polarization indices and improves thermal dissipation.
This cleaning service ensuring a drastic reduce in cleaning time and an enhanced cleaning which require no drying time thereby substantially reducing costs as well as energy is the perfect choice for the industry functioning.

Stator and Rotor Cleaning

Cleaning it with hands is a commonly seen trend and is highly inappropriate as it only helps to clean the outer layers. With the use of Dry Ice Blasting, the carbon deposits from windings could be removed along with other contaminated dirt of air vents on the stator and the rotor. Without damaging the glyptic surface, the oil and greases can be cleansed from the bottom of the rotor.

Cleaning Gas Turbine

High-pressure tube wall cleaning with dry ice removes corrosion and gas deposits from the tubes and fins. Our extensive experience allows us to offer a turnkey service in scaffold erection and confined space work.

Cleaning Transformer

Dry ice blasting eliminates dirt, grime and loose paint from transformers, thus improving its performance, within a short span of time. The process is completely moisture free and can be done on-site, which eventually reduces downtime. Transformers can also be painted to the customer’s specifications after the completion of the cleaning process.

Electronic Component Cleansing

Electronic equipments should be handled carefully as the minor mishandle could cause a dysfunction. Dry ice blasting is the tricky solution to wipe out the tar, dirt, grime and bitumen of any electrical component. Thus the original appearance of the component can be regained within no time and it is safe while performing amidst of wires.

Eco Green Dry Ice Blasting machines are portable and feel free to use it for electrical panels, variable frequency drives, and welded components.

Cogeneration Boilers

A drastic improvement in the heat transfer and flow will be apparent after the application of dry ice method. The complex boiler walls and heating tubes are sanitized easily as the quick turnaround is offered by our experienced technicians in confined space and scaffolding.


The piling up of disastrous waste and the safe disposal of such trash are the difficulties faced by the foundry industry.  Dry Ice blasting technology is highly eco-friendly, thus eliminates the bulk of hazardous waste by letting the cleaning of dust, carbon, grease, ink commonly found in foundry equipment.

Dry Ice Blasting is developed using sophisticated technologies and it works even the substance is hot, so you don’t have to wait to cool it down. Besides, the equipment shouldn’t be moved from its place.

Conventional methods are too tiresome while cleaning the core boxes in metal casting operations. By implementing the Dry Ice Blasting in your daily operations, the saving of money and the action will be complete within the short span of time will go hand in hand beside having the benefit of “cleaning it in its own place”.

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