What is the scope of ‘dry ice’ in the oil and gas industry?

Let’s first understand the ‘Dry Ice’ as a concept, so What is Dry Ice? It is a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in its solid form. It is been referred to as Dry Ice as it doesn’t melt as a normal ice do rather it gets converted into the carbon dioxide gas. Its temperature goes up to -109°F/-78.5°C. It is generally used for shipping the medical products and frozen foods because…

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Working With Dry Ice Technology Makes You Work Smartly

Dry Ice Blasting service

What is Dry Ice? Dry Ice is the common name for CO2 to be exact solid carbon dioxide. When dry ice is heated it won’t get melt rather it gets evaporated that’s why we call it dry ice, and this procedure is known as sublimation. As Ireland’s primary dry ice specialist, Polar Ice delivers dry ice solutions for a number of ranges of customers, in areas such as: Theatrical…

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