How Innovations in Dry Ice Technology are Advancing Green Cleaning Practices

Dry Ice Blasting: How it Works Dry ice blasting is a relatively new technology that’s quickly gaining popularity in the cleaning industry. It involves accelerating pellets of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) at extremely high speeds to clean a surface. The process is similar to sandblasting, but instead of using sand or other abrasive materials, dry ice is used. The pellets are accelerated using compressed air and are shot…

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Dry Ice in Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical use of Dry Ice

Medical and Pharmaceutical goods belong to the lifesaving category. These require a specific temperature to deliver to the fullest. Cold jet dry ice blasting specialists recommend dry ice as the best ingredient for storing pharma goods and maintaining optimum temperature. Are you wondering about the importance and aspects of dry ice in Covid-19 vaccines? Dry ice is a cooling media in the shipment for medicines that includes the Covid…

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Clean your Equipment in place with your Dry Ice Supplier Dubai

  What properties of dry ice make it suitable for cleaning? Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide at a temperature of -78°C or -109°F. At atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide sublimes directly from the solid to the gaseous state. It is called “dry ice” because it does not contain water, it does not turn into the liquid state. Eco Green Dry Ice, UAE, has answers to all your questions regarding dry…

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Best Dry Ice Supplier In Abu Dhabi

If you are cleaning your equipment, you will need to know what is good and what is bad but what if you choose better one, which is also pollution free. There are multiple options that you can choose to clean the huge equipment. We can always choose what is best for us through its unique features. In order to it, you should definitely need to know about different kinds…

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