How Innovations in Dry Ice Technology are Advancing Green Cleaning Practices

Dry Ice Blasting: How it Works Dry ice blasting is a relatively new technology that’s quickly gaining popularity in the cleaning industry. It involves accelerating pellets of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) at extremely high speeds to clean a surface. The process is similar to sandblasting, but instead of using sand or other abrasive materials, dry ice is used. The pellets are accelerated using compressed air and are shot…

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Why Do Dry Ice Blasting Machines Benefit Industries

Dry ice is one of the most incredible inventions by humans. It’s environmentally safe, cost-effective and delivers the best results. Be it maintaining the optimum temperature when transporting medicines, sanitising a surface or clearing dirt from the trickiest parts of machinery; dry ice can do it all. Dry ice is equally beneficial for both industrial and household uses. In this article, let’s focus on dry ice blasting equipment in…

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Dry Ice in Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical use of Dry Ice

Medical and Pharmaceutical goods belong to the lifesaving category. These require a specific temperature to deliver to the fullest. Cold jet dry ice blasting specialists recommend dry ice as the best ingredient for storing pharma goods and maintaining optimum temperature. Are you wondering about the importance and aspects of dry ice in Covid-19 vaccines? Dry ice is a cooling media in the shipment for medicines that includes the Covid…

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Cold Jet Machines – The Perfect Cleaning Partner

cold jet machines

With the latest updated cold jet machines the new cleaning technology named Dry ice blasting has become popular among the industrialists worldwide. These dry ice blasters adopts a variety of advanced technologies including Nanotechnologic insulation, high frequency vibrator and abrasive tank.   Working of Dry ice Blast Cleaning Machine When kinetic force is made use by other cleaning techniques, dry ice blast cleaning machine make use of additional two…

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Perfect Surface Finish with our Blast Cleaning Machine

Blast cleaning machine

What are the industrial applications of Dry Ice? Dry ice blasting is used in varied industries such as food processing, plastics, molded products, automotive, printing, aerospace and general maintenance. Dry ice blasting has diverse applications such as sensitive cleaning requirements and complicated sanitation jobs. To understand better about the high performance of our Blast cleaning machine, call us at Eco Green Dry Ice today. Why is Dry Ice considered…

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