Keeping It Cool: The Ultimate Guide to Ice Delivery Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

When you live in a region as sunny and warm as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, keeping things cool becomes a necessity, and this is where ice delivery services step in. Whether you’re hosting a beachside party, running a restaurant, or need ice for medical or industrial purposes, you need reliable and efficient ice delivery services to ensure everything stays refreshingly cool. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the…

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How Innovations in Dry Ice Technology are Advancing Green Cleaning Practices

Dry Ice Blasting: How it Works Dry ice blasting is a relatively new technology that’s quickly gaining popularity in the cleaning industry. It involves accelerating pellets of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) at extremely high speeds to clean a surface. The process is similar to sandblasting, but instead of using sand or other abrasive materials, dry ice is used. The pellets are accelerated using compressed air and are shot…

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Dry Ice in the Food & Beverage Industry

Dry Ice refers to solid carbon dioxide which is used for different application purposes in food & beverages industry. Dry Ice is created using liquid CO2 which is compressed into solid carbon dioxide. This solid CO2 or Dry Ice can then be extruded into pellets or blocks. Dry ice is used in the food and beverage industry supply chain, from processing food products to the suppliers and manufacturers handling…

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Recreational and Commercial Uses of Dry Ice

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Besides keeping the food frozen as well as creating a fog effect at events and parties, Dry ice showcases massive responsibilities in safeguarding and in transiting medicines, cleans equipment’s, helping the food industries and more. But do you know that dry ice is also used for recreational and commercial uses? Yes, you heard it right! Dry ice cleaning technology owns the knacks to transform your daily lives. Let’s look…

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Things to Consider and Not to Consider During Dry ice Blasting


  Dry ice in industrial cleaning has become an integral part of the cleaning process. It’s because dry ice blasting comes with so many advantages. The companies do not have to worry about scratching their machines during dry ice blasting. Also, it is one of the most environmental-friendly blasting procedures available at present. What is the Importance of Dry Ice Blasting? Dry ice blasting is highly effective for sanitizing…

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How Dry ice Blasting helps in the Mining industry

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Constant working depreciates the value of any machinery. In the mining industry, the damage is more because of the rigorous tasks. It is necessary to take help from something that safeguards the machine for a long time in such a condition. Otherwise, they disintegrate quickly. Cold jet machines for dry ice blasting are the perfect partners of the mining industry.   Here is how dry ice blasting machines help…

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How dry ice cleaning helps in the Automobile industry

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The improved dry ice blasting technology has become quite popular in the Automobile Industry. It is one of the latest techniques that clean the equipment without leaving any waste and debris. The dry ice blasting specialists admit better performance of automobiles if the cleaning medium is dry ice. Role of Dry Ice in the Automobile Industry Mold Cleaning Dry ice blasting machines enables the operators to clean molds when…

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Dry Ice in Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical use of Dry Ice

Medical and Pharmaceutical goods belong to the lifesaving category. These require a specific temperature to deliver to the fullest. Cold jet dry ice blasting specialists recommend dry ice as the best ingredient for storing pharma goods and maintaining optimum temperature. Are you wondering about the importance and aspects of dry ice in Covid-19 vaccines? Dry ice is a cooling media in the shipment for medicines that includes the Covid…

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Printing Press Machinery Cleaning with Dry ice

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Dry ice, at -78°C is capable of removing the toughest of grime from a surface. When looking for cleaning equipment in UAE, scanning for the best dry ice renders smooth finish to the machinery. And as people who earn through machinery, we know how important it is to keep them clean. How does dry ice work? Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. It is freezing. At -78°C, it becomes…

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Dry Ice Blasting in Food and Beverage Industry

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    The biggest concern in the food and beverage industry is sanitation. Bacterial accumulation may lead to contaminating the food products and eventually tarnishing the truthfulness of the industry. The traditional cleaning methods involve water and chemicals, which tend to stay on the surface and hamper the quality of products. However, cleaning with dry ice technology will deliver impeccable results in no time. What is Dry Ice? Dry…

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