Dry Ice in the Food & Beverage Industry

Dry Ice refers to solid carbon dioxide which is used for different application purposes in food & beverages industry. Dry Ice is created using liquid CO2 which is compressed into solid carbon dioxide. This solid CO2 or Dry Ice can then be extruded into pellets or blocks.

Dry ice is used in the food and beverage industry supply chain, from processing food products to the suppliers and manufacturers handling and packaging food.

It is used in facilities such as meat processors, wineries and commercial bakeries to maintain a critical temperature; thus by avoiding spoilage due to bacteria growth. Supermarkets use dry ice to keep groceries fresh while making long distant deliveries.

Application of dry ice in food industry

Dry Ice for Food Storage

Food and beverage industry needs dry ice to operate successfully. It is a perfect solution for cold shipping goods at the freezing temperature of -1090F. Dry ice does not melt but it evaporates into gas over time. Therefore we can keep frozen foods at highest quality and can be shipped at ideal cold temperatures without spoilage.

Dry Ice in Food Manufacturing, Processing and Packaging

In the food manufacturing, processing and packaging industries, bacteria, grease, carbon deposits and many other impurities get accumulated on the equipments over the period of time. The huge machineries are cleaned using Dry Ice pellets by removing dirt and contaminants from the equipment surface. It requires zero down time and hence it allows you to put the equipment immediately back to service. Other most important quality of dry Ice cleaning is that it is non-abrasive and will not wear away the equipment surface.

Cleaning Food Processing Equipments with Dry Ice

Dry Ice Blasting provides the most safe process to clean various types of food processing equipments such as, conveyers & mixers, industrial ovens, bottle fillers, adhesives used in packaging, wafer oven plates, conveyor belts, labelers etc. Also dry Ice blasting is fast and eco-friendly method with zero waste output.

Dry Ice in Agricultural Sector

Large businesses and producers of fruits and seafood widely use Dry Ice for the successful distribution of their products domestically and internationally. Large quantities of fruits, vegetables and seafood products like fish and prawns are well packed, preserved and distributed without spoilage by keeping the products in temperature controlled facilities. For those producers who don’t have the access to refrigerated facilities, Dry Ice keeps their products safe and fresh during transportation and delivery.

Why Eco Green Dry Ice Service?

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