Why Do Dry Ice Blasting Machines Benefit Industries

Dry ice is one of the most incredible inventions by humans. It’s environmentally safe, cost-effective and delivers the best results. Be it maintaining the optimum temperature when transporting medicines, sanitising a surface or clearing dirt from the trickiest parts of machinery; dry ice can do it all. Dry ice is equally beneficial for both industrial and household uses. In this article, let’s focus on dry ice blasting equipment in UAE and why these are essential for every industry

What Is Dry Ice Blasting?

As we already know, dry ice is solid carbon dioxide with a freezing temperature of – 109 degrees F. Carbon dioxide turns into solid form when compressed in a holding tank, and then we get dry ice that has multiple industrial and household uses. Of the many benefits, dry ice blasting in Dubai is one of the vital functions of dry ice.

Dry ice blast cleaning in Dubai is a process of accelerating dry ice pellets onto a surface to remove dirt and grime. It’s a form of abrasive blasting, but a gentler one since it can eliminate dirt without leaving even a scratch on the surface.

Industries prefer dry ice blasting machines in UAE over other options because it can reach the trickiest parts of machinery and remove all the unwanted rust and dirt. Dry ice in Dubai and other parts of UAE is also beneficial for sanitising a surface, again a boon to industries that need utmost care during manufacturing. 

Why Do Dry Ice Blasting Equipments in UAE Benefit the Industries?

Industries can benefit a lot from dry ice blast cleaning services and equipment. These can come in handy for multiple purposes, and companies can function seamlessly without downtime. Here are a few ways industries use dry ice blasting equipment in UAE or elsewhere.

Clean the Equipment

Tools, equipment and machinery are all integral parts of an industry. If any of these refuse to function adequately and do not provide the desired results, it may lead to losses for the company. Therefore businesses take utmost care of the machinery to avoid sudden halts due to misfunctioning.

A dry ice machine in UAE can be highly beneficial for the tools and machinery. It can clean the machinery by reaching the trickiest corners without damaging it. With dry ice blasting equipment, business owners can rest assured that their machinery will be devoid of unwanted damage and always stay sparkling clean.

Clear Mold

Marine and other industries dealing with water and humidity, which are the biggest culprits of mould, can benefit from the dry ice blasting equipment. Many mould cleaning services can utilise dry ice blasting equipment in UAE to perform their task efficiently.

Dry ice can quickly eliminate mould from a surface without damaging or breaking it. It can efficiently clear mould between the nuts, bolts and other difficult-to-reach parts.

For mould cleaning companies, dry ice blasting services can help them perform tasks efficiently and quickly. The companies can save 60 to 80 per cent of their remediation time and be more productive.

Remove Adhesives

Adhesives have vast usage in industries. But they are also a pain to remove. Most of the time, adhesives peel off the paint if we try to pull them apart. However, when industries use dry ice blasting equipment in UAE for adhesive removal, it can effortlessly detach it from the surface. 

The high-speed dry ice pellets can detach the adhesives from the surface and shall fall off easily without leaving a mark. 

Prepare the Surface

Upkeep of machinery is quintessential for the better functioning of a business. One of the critical things for machinery upkeeping is sanding the old paint and rust to repaint. If we use harsh blasting techniques, it may do more harm than good to the surface. Therefore dry ice blasting is the best alternative to prep the surface before painting.

It is a gentle yet robust technique to eliminate rust and old paint from any surface. Once done, it will leave a smooth surface suitable for painting.

Adopt an Environmentally Safe Technique

Unlike the harsh chemicals used to clean and scrape surfaces, dry ice is an environmentally-safe product. It doesn’t leave any footprints because once exposed to the atmosphere, it turns into a gaseous state, leaving no residue. 

Summing Up

Dry ice blasting equipment in UAE or worldwide benefits almost every industry because they have multiple usages. You can attain all these purposes without the downtime and continue your business seamlessly.

If you want to know more about how dry ice equipment can benefit your industry in particular, call us straightaway, and we shall be happy to help.