Keeping It Cool: The Ultimate Guide to Ice Delivery Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

When you live in a region as sunny and warm as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, keeping things cool becomes a necessity, and this is where ice delivery services step in. Whether you’re hosting a beachside party, running a restaurant, or need ice for medical or industrial purposes, you need reliable and efficient ice delivery services to ensure everything stays refreshingly cool. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the…

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8 Most Common Uses of Dry Ice in Industrial Sector

What is Dry Ice? Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, freezes to -78.5 degree Celsius. It is made by liquefying carbon dioxide and stored in a tank at a temperature of -109 degree Fahrenheit and compressed into solid ice. This compound is used for various purposes in industrial and commercial sectors such as preserving frozen foods, blasting, in medicines, creating special effects in events etc. The cold temperature and…

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Safe and Easy Dry ice Disposal Methods

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Have you ever heard of dry ice ? Yes, it is.. Dry ice is the solidified Carbon Dioxide. Did you know what happens when it melt ? It is simple, it will turns into carbon dioxide gas. That means, it will be a part of our environment. Dry ice is colourless and odourless. But, while dealing with dry ice be careful. Carbon dioxide gas is heavier than air, and…

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Dry Ice Ideas for Special Events

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Dry ice is a perfect addition for special occasions, parties and celebrations. Whether you’re looking for a centre piece, or a themed event, Dry ice is the perfect complement for all Before beginning, here are a few points that one must remember Dry ice or solid carbon dioxide is skin-piercing cold at -109° F Touching dry ice with bare hands can cause frostbite, equivalent to severe burns One needs…

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Dry ice in Artificial Rain Making – Cloud Seeding Technique

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Humans have tried to chase and control every process in the universe. However, the weather has always been unalterable. Hence, scientists tried to forecast it and prepare accordingly. Modern scientists have discovered a revolutionary technique called cloud seeding using dry ice technology. This article discusses cloud seeding technology and how dry ice services UAE can help in climate modification.   What is Cloud Seeding? Cloud seeding is a way…

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Importance of Proper Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Dry ice blasting equipment of high quality are highly recommended to achieve the finest results during the blasting process. But first, do we understand what dry ice blasting is? Dry ice that is solid carbon dioxide has multiple industrial uses. Blasting is one such need that it accomplishes with utmost precision. Blasting or in simple words, cleaning is the process where a spot is cleaned with the use of…

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Ensure Fast and Reliable Dry Ice Delivery

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Animals breathe out carbon dioxide that is used by plants for photosynthesis. Hence it is a natural part of our atmosphere. It is also a by-product of various industrial purposes that is solidified in a complicated process. This solid form of carbon dioxide is known as dry ice. The name ‘dry ice’ comes from the fact that it doesn’t melt into a puddle of water like the regular ice….

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Can Dry ice Blasting an Alternative to Conventional Cleaning?

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When it comes to industrial cleaning techniques most businesses prefer safe cleaning methods which increase efficiency and reduce waste apart from providing safety for their employees. One of the safest method adopted by countless companies today for cleaning and polishing their equipment is dry ice blast cleaning machine. Dry ice is non-abrasive and environmentally sustainable as these pellets immediately transform into gas with production of zero waste. Dry ice…

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Consider these Safety Tips while handling Dry Ice


Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used for various purposes by different industries. Dry ice returns to its original gaseous state when heated which is known as sublimation. The usage of Dry ice for industrial, commercial, or personal uses can invite dangers if it is not handled carefully. It has a temperature of minus 109 degrees Fahrenheit and is used to cool down items…

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Dry Ice Blasting – Fast, Easy, Cost-effective way of Cleaning

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Dry Ice is an effective cleaning tool used in the industrial sector to have your equipment cleaned. Dry ice blasting saves your time as well as money. It has gained popularity over the years as it is an effective cleaning method using small pellets of dry ice. Even though it is much similar to sandblasting or high-pressure steam blasting, it is selected by more industries as the cold temperature…

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