Advantages Of Dry Ice Cleaning Over Traditional Cleaning

 Advantages Of Dry Ice Cleaning The problem of cleaning off rust, molds, etc., from various surfaces is a big problem for both residential as well as industrial sectors. However, due to various environmental issues, the cleaning processes adopted by the industries have constantly come under scrutiny. Cleaning processes like abrasive blasting, soda blasting, Ultra-High pressure water blasting, solvent cleaning, etc., all are effective cleaning techniques, but they all have…

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Dry Ice Blasting – The Advanced and Modern Cleaning Technology

Dry Ice Blasting Dry ice blasting is an innovative blasting method that uses tiny, solid dry ice pellets as the exploding material. The dry ice bits are speed up in a jet of compressed air alike to that used in usual blasting methods. Basically it is designed to put back the traditional ones and high-pressure hosing blasting techniques that use materials such as plastic, glass and sand as abrasive…

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Working With Dry Ice Technology Makes You Work Smartly


  What is Dry Ice? Dry Ice is the common name for CO2 i.e. solid carbon dioxide. When dry ice is heated it won’t get melt rather it gets evaporated that’s we call it dry ice, and this process is known as sublimation. As Ireland’s primary dry ice specialist, Polar Ice delivers dry ice solutions for a various range of customers, in areas such as: Theatrical and Special Effects…

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